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air shadow

war peddlaz
By vortex, Section AirShadow
Posted on Wed Feb 13th, 2002 at 09:12:40 GMT
free2air has officially started a madness called air shadow. a GPL program combining gpsdrive with the wireless scary parts of kismet, giving the ability to accurately plot the shadow or cloud that each wireless lan card emits. And write out the results so that the information is shared to larger mapping projects (similar to the netstumbler file format).

Today brucem showed us the Wireless Network Visualisation Project - although their output is still a manual process of cranking netstumbler logs through GIS programs, this is exactly the sort of output we need to develop.

Uses of the program include antenna placment tuning with instant feedback, and AP position interpolation from signal strength readings for warpeddlaz.

Medium term, this ultility will be invaluable for all open wireless network initiatives.

Subcribe to the air shadow development list to get involved.

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