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Welcome to east end net

East End Net
By vortex, Section east end net
Posted on Thu Feb 21st, 2002 at 22:44:31 GMT

Welcome! Please subscribe to the east-end-net mailing list for network news and local activity.

Network Resources

SMTP Mail Server:

H323 videophone proxy:

ICECast audio streamer/reflector:

External Reflectors

These external reflectors to external streams save bandwidth one stream comes in through the internet connections, no matter how many people over the wireless network connect. Add suggestions for more reflections of your favourite streams.

London's Resonance FM (London's premier independent FM radio station)
Philosomatika (for a pure psy-trance attack)

Local Content

Hackney Road bus stop live audio feed (as featured on Resonance FM) ... (currenly offline)

Other local audio streaming content is coming soon. Enquire below or on the east-end-net mailing list.

Current Network Nodes

Current Network Statistics

This Week's groundzero Internet Gateway Usage

This Week's Wireless Signal Noise Ratio from groundzero to

This Week's Wireless Signal Noise Ratio from groundzero to wilma

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