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Melbourne intro to free2air 26.06.01

Toy Satellite
By Anonymous Hero, Section Toy Satellite
Posted on Tue Feb 26th, 2002 at 03:36:20 GMT
On the 26th of June 2001, Andrew Garton, Sam de Silva, Craig Bellamy met at Toy Satellite for an introduction to wireless networking and free2air from Adam Burns.

This is a report from this meeting outlining free2air's rationale, requirements and recommendations. Rationale

Free2Air is essentially radio/computer networking. The idea is the make bandwidth a community concern, not a commercial one.

Assist in setting up gateways by way of redistributing network load. As at the time of writing, supports three gateways.


  • Wireless LAN card + pigtail antenna (recom. Lucent). Card transmits 30 mwatts supporting up to 11megabits p/second up and down.
  • Antenna - Directional or Omnidirectional.
  • Lightening arrestor.
  • Line of sight with other points of presence.
  • Amplifier - 250 mwatts (not essential, but can increase range/strength)
  • When designing the network visualize what one wants to set up. What do we want to achieve and how do we go about doing it?
  • Plan out a strategy for implementing line of sight points of presence, including ways and means to monitor network usage. Traffic must be mediated to ensure IP connection is not saturated.
  • A partially centralised organisation to support network infrastructure (eg. allocating IP) and to maintain standards.
Legal Stuff
  • 2.4 GHz network cards transmit within an unlicensed range.
  • Use of amplifier may be borderline.
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