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Toy Satellite Draft Wireless Project White Paper

Toy Satellite
By android, Section projects
Posted on Sun Mar 31st, 2002 at 15:06:03 GMT
Toy Satellite is establishing a low-end, low-cost wireless network in the Remy Lane/Queens Parade Precinct, Fitzroy North, Melbourne, Australia. The project is part of the embryonic free2air network, but not necessarily exclusive to it. As such, Toy Satellite is investigating the means with which it can provide a meaningful presence to free2air as well as serve its own interests.


Toy Satellite wireless network can be divided into the following components:

  1. In-house wireless LAN and Internet gateway
  2. Local area website
  3. Trial ambient audio stream

1. In-house wireless LAN and Internet gateway

The in-house network consists of the following:

  • ADSL gateway server + wireless hub
  • 3 x 802.11b Orinoco wireless cards
  • 2 x laptops

Toy Satellite aims to enable each workstation on the wireless LAN, freeing the premises of Ethernet cables that often pose a work and safety hazard. This would require the purchase of ISA PCMCIA slots and additional wireless cards.

2. Local area website

This website would provide our users with local information that they would themselves provide. The site would build itself, content changing according to the input of users as they come and go.

Users would consist of people within the Remy Lane/Queens Parade precinct who would be invited to participate freely in the trial. The site and additional services would only be available to this user group. Other wireless network features may be available to passersby, however limits would be need to be placed on this level of access at the outset.

3. Trial ambient audio stream

A feature of the network would be a trial streaming service serving only those users who access the Toy Satellite/free2air wireless gateway. The trial would identify:

  • bandwidth limitations;
  • ability for users to program the stream;
  • possibilities for scheduled streams amongst other free2air hosts at international locations;
  • interest in self-managed audio stream (social indicators);
  • interest in external programming and commissioning of new works;
  • management of copyright and royalty issues;
  • use as tool within cultural context (i.e. complimenting exhibitions and other related events);
  • requirements for the addition of video.
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