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TSwireless (Melbourne) Launched

Toy Satellite
By android, Section Toy Satellite
Posted on Tue Jul 23rd, 2002 at 11:15:24 GMT
TSwireless, ambient/generative audio streaming via 802.11b in Fitzroy, Melbourne, was launched on Thursday, 11 July.

Presentations by Alberto Escudero-Pascual, Andrew Garton (Toy Satellite), Tyson Clugg (Melbourne Wireless) and via London, Adam Burns (

Many guests brought laptops, connecting straight into TSwireless with a choice of video and audio streams of the launch available for wireless users and Internet visitors. Streams were mirrored in Sweden and London.

Special thanks to Alberto Escudero-Pascual, Dennis McGregor, Bruce Morrison and Supercat.


Aims of TSwireless are to identify:
  • wireless bandwidth limitations;
  • ability for users to program streams;
  • possibilities for scheduled streams amongst other free2air hosts at international locations;
  • interest in self-managed audio stream (social indicators);
  • interest in external programming and commissioning of new works;
  • management of copyright and royalty issues; use as tool within cultural context (i.e. complimenting exhibitions and other related events);
  • requirements for the addition of video.
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TSwireless (Melbourne) Launched | 1 comments (1 topical, editorial, 0 pending)
thanks bro none (#1)
by risinglucifer on Sun Mar 19th, 2006 at 06:02:47 GMT
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TSwireless (Melbourne) Launched | 1 comments (1 topical, editorial, 0 pending)
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