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Navizon: P2P GPS Wireless Positioning

By Anonymous Hero, Section News
Posted on Tue Aug 30th, 2005 at 12:56:27 GMT
Just a quick note to let Free2Air and it's members know about the release of Navizon, -- the first Peer-to-Peer "Wireless Positioning System" that successfully blends GPS, WiF and Cellular positioning technologies -- together into one accurate "mobile geo-location" system for WiFi and/or cellular enabled Pocket PC's (Windows client coming soon). Here's how it works: 1) when used with a GPS device, Navizon maps the Wireless landscape (the Wi-Fi access points and cell towers) everywhere you go within your favorite cities, neighborhoods and routes. 2) by mapping the broadcast signals from these available WiFi and cell towers Navizon instantly triangulates your exact geo-location and can "power" your Pocket PC personal navigation apps (via a COM port). 3) an automatic and simple Sync process then links your data to the Network and allows other members to benefit from Navizon's free wireless positioning system -- without having to purchase an expensive GPS device or to pay hefty monthly service fee to a cell phone carrier. Navizon is collaborative, useful and fun.... and everyone wins: Navizon Users with GPS: -- now have GPS coverage in places they've NEVER had before (inside buildings, urban canyons, underground) because Navizon "works where GPS doesn't"! -- now have access to an accurate positioning system in their favorite cities and neighborhoods even when they don't have their GPS devices with them (left at home, at work or in the car). Navizon Users without GPS: -- now have access to a free "software-only" GPS positioning system that uses the WiFi and Cellular features of their Pocket PC's to accurately "power" their navigation apps. To learn more visit and check out our coverage in New York City, Miami or Toronto -- just a few of the cities where users have already begun contributing data.... but stay tuned... Navizon Network coverage around the world is growing fast, VERY FAST! Best regards, -Jim ========================== James P. W. Parsons Mexens Technology home of


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